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WHIMSY SIGNATURE SCENT with notes of Rain + Greens + Lily of the Valley

Hard to believe I am turning the big 50 this month (September 2022).  In honor of a new chapter, heading into my 50’s, I created a SIGNATURE SCENT for my Whimsy brand.

One of my all time favorite scents was a RAIN OIL that I wore for years, back in the day when custom blending oils was a thing.  This was in the era of my late teens/early twenties up in Hollywood living my dreams as a Professional Dancer.  There was an oil store called HOMEBODY by the Beverly Center in L.A. that I would concoct scents to my liking (funny how I now do this for all of you…little did I know then where my love for scent concoctions would take me).  My ALLTIME favorite scent that I wore for years that became MY SIGNATURE SCENT was a blend of several RAIN OILS…I have been on a mission to concoct something close to what that was and after almost 2 years of my Whimsy Sugar Scrubs in existence ~ I am so happy with a scent that comes super close to what I used to wear that this has to become the WHIMSY SIGNATURE SCENT!

It deserves it as it transcends me to that shop where I loved crafting new scents…lending way to what I do now.

I hope you enjoy my WHIMSY SIGNATURE SCENT and may it inspire you to lean into all that you do, all that you love, and all that you are.  This, my friend, is the WHIMSY WAY!

*Enjoy as a scrub, body oil, body bar and candle

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