Whimsy H2T Oil

Whimsy Sugar Scrubs
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I wanted to create an all over body oil with a fragrance to last throughout the day!  From your HEAD (hair too, wink wink) 2 your TOES   Apply a small amount (add more as desired) from HEAD 2 TOE (hence what I have called H2T), onto damp +/or dry skin & hair too!  Your skin and hair will thank you!!! Alone or for the ultimate self care day after using our Whimsy Sugar Scrubs!!!  A little goes along way, especially when using on your hair.  Go to HOW WHAT WHY for more info  Enjoy ~ Keli Murphy, Founder/Creator

 Hydrate + Moisturize  + Improve skin & hair + Scent skin & hair + Anti-aging + Anti-oxidant + Quickly absorbs + Non-Greasy



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