Our Story...the tall version

Are you ready for some well deserved self-care?!  We all need those extra moments in life to keep us going!  Even better when we can use something that not only feels good + makes us feel better, but is also natural, sustainable and eco-friendly too!  Sound good?!  Then you have come to the right place!

Here's my story (the tall version) and what eventually let me to creating WHIMSY SUGAR SCRUBS.  It's been a journey to say the least and I am super excited you are here, reading this, to share it!  

The idea of Whimsy was envisioned in 2000 while merging paths as a Professional Dancer/Stuntwoman deciding to add more to my “basket” and becoming a Hairstylist. Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School, 2000, assignment: Create your future salon. How did they know?! I originally dreamed of one day opening a coffeehouse/flower shop. After starting cosmetology school, that idea quickly transformed into a hair salon: Whimsy Salon & Garden is what I came up with. My contractor husband designed and sketched it out and I completed my assignment.

Whimsy Salon & Garden, a welcoming environment with just the right amount of Whimsy! Exceptional services in a down-to-earth setting, complete with a garden to relax in and stay a while. A unique experience that would have you feeling as good as you looked! Cultivating beautiful hair one client at a time….this was my mission and my vision. Little did I know that 11 years later this dream would become a reality!!! Papers were signed, 2009, and my boys were 2 ½ and 6 months old…my cup was running over, but why stop??? BRING IT ON!!! February, 2011 (yes, took about 2 years), Whimsy Salon & Garden opened its doors in Redondo Beach, CA.

Whimsy Salon & Garden was a beautiful dream come true that was even better than I had imagined (though sadly way more expensive than expected along with life’s unexpected, not always good, surprises). So in 2015 the hard decision to “leave” what we built was made and Whimsy Salon moved into a private studio “by the sea” (ocean)…just a few blocks away. This move brought me some wiggle room to focus on my family, my educating for Kevin.Murphy, a little stunt still here and there, and my clients….my amazing, what would I do without you, clients! 

Cut to:  Summer, 2019

Girls surf trip (thanks Patricia) and my 1st sugar scrub!  I loved the smell and idea of a sugar scrub instead of a salt one. I just was disappointed it didn’t feel like a scrub (I like some grit) and I had to loofah it off with body wash because it was so greasy! (yuck) Apparently this dislike was a gift as I couldn’t stop thinking about it and what it didn’t do…a new found quest that stirred deep in my soul that just wouldn’t quite! So I searched Sugar Scrub recipes and found TONS. I tried so, so many…none of which had the results I was hoping for. THE STRUGGLE WAS REAL ;) I knew then, I couldn’t (and didn’t want to) stop till I FIGURED IT OUT!!!

As a passionate hairstylist & (type A) colorist, I have a knack for ratios + concoctions + chemistry + perfection. (Hey, that keeps my clients coming back for more)! Together with my love for baking & an understanding of essential oils (6+ years educating for KEVIN.MURPHY will teach you) I decided less is always more. I only wanted to use ingredients I knew of, heard of, believed in and cared about. NATURALLY DERIVED INGREDIENTS + SUSTAINABLY MADE was equally important!  SO the concocting began…… The texture and scent came pretty easy --- the greasy wouldn’t go away! UNTIL, … I found a bottle of coconut oil (not your cooking type) and I owe this in part to my husband. Won’t get into it, but because of a thing he went thru I knew about this company that somehow I got this bottle (at the time had no clue what to do with it so threw in my pantry)… Found this bottle of coconut oil, tried it a few rounds in different ratios of course, and it happened. MY A-HA moment came.


About 6 weeks or so,

Lots and lots of sugar,

So many notes, and more notes,

Lavender + Mint concoctions (not so easy either)

Mr. Right (my perfect oil concoctions)




I was so proud of what I created, I knew this was too good NOT TO SHARE!!!

To myself:  “I can make Lavender Mint Sugar Scrubs for my annual holiday boutique…to add to my salon inventory & other things I make …these will be a great, new addition!!!”

One thing led to another (firm believer when things fall into place, they usually are meant to be)…and in no time I designed a label, threw it in a GLASS (no plastics please) Mason Jar and “called it a day!”

The only thing…I could not stop thinking about it, dreaming about it ....Yep, I cant stop, wont stop, don’t want to stop….

 So did a photo shoot, showed it off to a friend (thanks Jennifer), and had orders flowing before my holiday boutique! I cant stop making them…and I cant keep them on my shelves either. So together, that’s a good thing!




All things Whimsy ~ created 4 U to enjoy! It’s a long story and a colorful one too. While I thought my journey was “done” at hair…I feel like once again I’ve just started! My paths have been unpredictable to say the least, and when one door has closed, another opens…but then sometimes the doors that closed reopens.

When I was in Cosmetology School I was making custom jewelry orders, managing my Dad’s roofing business, 3 years married, teaching Professional dance classes, catering tea parties and working Stunt jobs as I “fell” into them! (no pun intended)  Somehow I finished my 1600 hr program on schedule in the midst of all I was juggling (oh to be young again)!

My (20+) years in the beauty industry has opened even more doors. My passion & constant desire to grow is what led me to create these Sugar Scrubs! It really seems to be the one product that all my twists and turns in life have literally poured into.

For that, I am so proud and incredibly grateful.

I can’t wait for you to experience WHIMSY 4 U and hope you enjoy my WHIMSY SUGAR SCRUBS  as much as I LOVE making them!!!

*In addition to the HOW, a big reason WHY we were able to launch this year was due to my salons 20 week shut-down!  THE SILVER LINING to Covid-19...not only more family time but a solid gift of time to get all the T's crossed and a beautiful escape to create what we bring to you today!  To all hardships, usually there is a silver lining to be had...I am forever thankful to the unusual gift of time this crazy pandemic gave to us all!

Happy Days + Happy Scrubbing ~ Keli Murphy, Founder/Creator