Whimsy Sugar Scrubs
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WHIMSY CANDLES are made with love using 100% soy wax (pure + biodegradable), cotton wicks (lead free + eco-friendly) + our beautiful clean scents (free from harmful chemicals).  Vegan + Cruelty-Free, we love that our soy wax is sourced in the USA and supports right back to our farmers! We hand pour our candles into the same reusable + recyclable jars as our scrubs.  Use our JAR ACCESSORIES to really let your light shine!!!  These candles are a perfect addition to our Whimsy line and make a complete collection with our scrubs + oils + body bars.  Mix + Match or keep them all the same + enjoy some well deserved self-care with scents so true they transcend you :)

Trim wick before each burn + keep within sight.  Keep away from things that catch fire, drafts, children + pets.  Neither seller or manufacturer are responsible for misuse. 

Burn times may vary due to temperatures and placement. 

 8oz burns approximately 30-40 hrs + 2oz burns approximately 8-10 hrs.  

WHIMSY CANDLES provide a clean burn with pure, clean scents SO TRUE they transcend you!

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