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I LOVE COFFEE especially with a touch of Cinnamon!

My Whimsy clients know it’s the secret ingredient when they drink my coffee at Whimsy Salon, so it was a natural addition to my coffee scrub and why it’s called Whimsy Coffee Sugar Scrub. (Side Note: I grew up watching my dad put cinnamon into coffee grinds before brewing so I thought that truly was how to make coffee.  I have been making it this way my whole life.  Making my coffee sugar scrub just wasn’t right till I added a touch of cinnamon + a lot of Love).  Together these have powerful benefits, fighting cellulite, inflammation & increasing circulation.  The scent alone is enough to WAKE YOU UP so start your day right (or use whenever you just need a pick-me-up) with Whimsy Coffee Sugar Scrub.  Go get ‘em Tiger!

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    My favorite so far (but all are good)

    Posted by Kristin Ferraraccio on Aug 10th 2020

    If you like the smell of a great cup of coffee, you'll love opening this jar! It makes the entire shower smell amazing and it feels so good on the skin.