Posted by Keli Murphy on May 8th 2023




SEA GLASS is considered MERMAID TEARS and represents Healing

May 2022 I started to look for SEA GLASS post beach runs + surf sessions.

Little did I know what the meaning behind SEA GLASS was and what it would represent, help + mean to me. I looked but didn’t find much until towards the end of the year and started to hit the motherload (pockets full) at the start of 2023. In the midst of my world getting tossed upside down…I did find 2 months of happy and it was then in the beginning of this year I truly built my SEA GLASS COLLECTION. The abundance I found led me to look up the meaning….

As a mermaid at heart I was so deeply moved to find that SEA GLASS represents MERMAID TEARS and is a sign of HEALING. You get what you need….when you need it. It was cool how some days I mostly found CLEAR, others GREEN, usually always found BROWN and just recently I found 3 RARE BLUE! I absolutely love the daily quest and how each find makes my heart joyful. It is amazing and applies to life in so many ways….on the quest if you look too hard you almost don’t see it…when you widen your lens, just a bit, these beautiful colors pop out and say hello to you from the sand or amongst the shells.

I don’t know if I will ever stop looking…at least for now while my life starts a new chapter! I hope you all can experience a successful SEA GLASS HUNT at sometime in your life….but for now…

ENJOY this special, limited edition to bring you an escape, a sensory experience and hopefully a notion that resonates with you. May WHIMSY’S SEA GLASS COLLECTION touch you and remind you THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Go ahead, embrace your inner mermaid, feel your feels and take on whatever comes your way with the strength + beauty that you already have inside!