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"OMG. I LOVE your scrubs!!!  My skin is so soft and silky.  I am so excited for you.  I think you're on to something!!!"  Jen S., 9/17/19

"Hi Keli - I am LOVING my scrubs.  I especially love the Lavender Mint.  I will be ready for more when I see you.  Thanks so much for creating such a Great Product.  I can't wait to try some of the other ones but the mint is a real winner for me!"  Traci F., 9/30/19

"We loved them!  Planning on purchasing a few for Christmas.  Thanks again!  Logan loves them too.  She keep talking about how soft her hands are!  Honestly, you're onto something.  Packaging is super cute and the scrubs are high quality!"  Kim H., 10/10/19

"Hi!!!! OOOOHHHH I love the scrub I bought!!!  I need to get the bigger jar next time!"  Reiko U., 10/10/19

"I gave to my friend and she said your scrubs are divine!!!"  Yukiko R., 10/23/19

"We love your adventures...I used my Coconut Scrub this morning and I LOVE IT!!!!"  Allison B., 11/6/19

"What I love about your scrubs is that I don't need lotion after!"  Nadia W., 11/11/19

"Okay, the Bliss scrub is out of this world!!!  Totally in love with it.  it smells SO GOOD"  Hillary K., 12/16/19

"This product is amazing!  Both my husband and I have used it.  It is really great after swimming in the pool because it completely eliminates any chlorine sent and it rehydrates the skin.  Love it and now wish we had bought the big size!"  Kristin F., 3/10/20

"Your stuff is nice.  You ever think of marketing it to swim teams?  It eliminates chlorine odor that gets stuck in pores after a swim!"  Bob F., 3/12/20

"AMAGING SUGAR SCRUB I love this Gardenia Sugar Scrub!  It feels amazing on my skin and smells wonderful and fresh!  I use the scrub weekily and the Gardenia Oil daily to keep my skin moisturized and soft."  Patricia H. 10/8/20

"Whimsy Oil is a must have item that makes your skin glow and smells Divine!  The Gardenia scent lasts a long time and I get so many compliments when I wear it.  Makes a great gift too!"  Reiko U 10/15/20

"HEAVENLY This actually smells like my gardenias by my front door!  Amazing, beautiful scent and feels so good on.  Love the Gardenia Oil!"  Shannon M. 10/19/20

"MOST DECADENT SCENT AND FEEL...Literally the most amazing, decadent real rose scent I have ever bought!  Stays with me all day and leaves the skin perfectly glowing.  I'm obsessed with this product and this entire line.  Plus the fact that is earth friendly is a huge plus for me!  Definitely reccomend it.  No doubt you will become as obsessed as I am!!!  Sheyla C. 10/19/20

"TRY IT My family loves the Whimsy Sugar Scrubs, especially the Coconut!  The scent is spectacular, not cloying, like some other coconut scented products.  I also love the way my skin feels after my shower.  Try it!  You will NOT be disappointed!"  Shanouxnoux 10/19/20