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We ALL can use a spa day every so often to recharge (yes, please)!  I am a big fan of spending the entire day at the spa so much it became my annual bday tradition for almost 10 years in a row!  (If you know me personally, then you know!!!)  SPA DAY will take you to that spa in the luxury of your own home…so go ahead and spa day, everyday!!!  Inspired by my favorite spa at TERRENEA where you can spa all day by the ocean…our Whimsy version of what a SPA DAY should smell like includes marine + sea salt notes along with eucalyptus (inhale/exhale), lemon, mint + juniper. 

Treat yourself to our full SPA DAY collection for some well deserved self-care…whenever you want it, whenever you need it!

*Enjoy as a scrub, body oil, body bar and candle

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