Keli Anne Jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry by (yours truly) Keli Murphy ~ Founder/Creator of Whimsy/whimsy4u/Whimsy Sugar Scrubs + more

I have been handcrafting jewelry for over 20 years.  Early to an audition one sunny day in North Hollywood, I stumbled buy a bead store and witnessed some jewelry making classes.  I got some info and after my audition returned to take a private class!  I was so excited about what I made I bought supplies to make more necklaces for upcoming xmas gifts.  I gave to my BFF (Reiko) and she loved it so much she ordered some for gifts too!!!  The rest is history and I have been making jewelry over the years ever since.  Handcrafted, wire-wrapped, sterling silver, austrian crystal, semi-precious, pewter