Lavender Mint

Whimsy Sugar Scrubs
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Lavender Mint was my 1st Whimsy Sugar Scrub concoction.  I am a spa girl and I wanted to create a “spa-AH-ME-moment” at home!  My ultimate escape…locked away from the world in my shower, eyes closed and breathing in the aroma of my Lavender Mint scrub…for a moment I am taken away to my favorite spa…both calm and invigoration overcome me…exfoliate all the yuck away and rinse to a silky perfection.  The subtle beautiful scent lingers just enough to finish my experience.  I feel relaxed and recharged…ready to enter back to reality (and secretly waiting for my next “spa-AH-ME--moment” again).

Lots of Lavender with just the right amount of Mint! 


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